Whole school attendance this week was 94.33%

466 had 100% attendance this week – WELL DONE!

Top 3 classes were

1st Mrs King with 98.67%

2nd Mr Poole with 98.46%

3rd Mrs Newson with 98.44%

Well done – extra DOJO point for all the children in those 3 classes.


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Mablins Lane World Cup

We are having our own world cup at Mablins Lane. 32 teams of children are competing at play times and lunch times. There are 16 Key Stage 1 teams and 16 Key stage 2 teams.

Follow their progress on twitter; @MablinsSchool where we will publish the latest scores and group tables.


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RE & Global Learning Art

During ARK  week, we had the artist Chris Gilbert in working with groups of children on a couple of pieces of art on an RE and Global Learning theme.

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Attendance for week ending 25.05.2018 was ……

Whole school attendance was 90.91%

437 children had 100% attendance this week – WELL DONE!!

Top 3 classes were….

1st Y4 Miss Johnson with 97.92%

2nd Y5 Mr Lauder with 97.92%

3rd YR Miss Warriner with 96.92%

Extra Dojo points for these classes.

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Whole school attendance for week ending  18.05.2018 was 95.64%

Top 3 classes were

1st Y2 HG 99.29%

2nd YR SW 99.23%

3rd Y1 LK 98.89%

462 children had 100% this week – WELL DONE !

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Governor Blog – My World Project Graduation Day

My World Graduation Ceremony

What an amazing experience the My World Project has been for the children, and Thursday saw the grand finale of their hard work with a graduation ceremony at Wychwood Golf Club.

The journey started back in January, where a group of children from Mablins Lane Primary School joined with children chosen from four […]

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Year 4 Beeston

We would like to thank all of our year 4 children who attended Beeston this year. We had a fantastic time and the children were very well behaved. We enjoyed Den Building, Map Skills, Walking through nature, quiz time and free time with art. They all ate well and slept soundly.

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Attendance for week ending 09.03.2018………..

Whole school attendance was 95.91% for the week

483 children had 100% attendance this week

Top 3 classes were…

1st Y3 Mr Mcdonough 100%

2nd Y4 Miss Johnson 99.13%

3rd Mr Lauder 98.52%

Well done .. extra Dojo point for every child in these 3 classes

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Governor Blog 2

We have held our first Parents’ Voice Group meeting in school today. It was really useful and will help us make school even better for everyone. There were lots of good ideas suggested which we will act on starting with setting up an ideas box at Parents’ Evenings with slips to write on and post.

Thanks […]

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Attendance for week ending 02.03.2018 ……

Whole school attendance was 94.82%

Despite the cold and snow 469 children had 100% attendance AMAZING!!!

Top 3 classes for an extra Dojo point….

1st Y6 Mr Harrison 98.46

2nd Y3 Mr Mcdonough with 97.78%

3rd Y3 Miss Dennigan with 97.04%


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