Blog Discontinued

As of 13th November 2019, Mablins Lane will no longer update our blog.

All news and celebrations of our children’s learning will now only be on our Twitter Feed @MablinsSchool

All of the existing posts will remain on the website as a record of our events and activities in past years.

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Year 5 ARK week!

Year 5 @MablinsSchool have had a busy ARK week; After sharing the ‘Kind’ book they spent time considering little random acts of kindness which they can do in class, within school, at home, in the local community & reaching out worldwide.

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KIVA Year 4 Feelings and Emotions

As part of KIVA we looked different feelings.

We shared our work and related to each others thoughts and feelings.

We read the story book ‘feelings’ and talked about lots of different emotions as part of story time too.


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Kiva Year 4

In Kiva this week we talked about what made us feel unsafe and safe. Here is some art work we created to share who and what makes us feel safe.


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Y4 National Sports Week

Last week Y4 had a lot of active fun, participating in National School Sports Week. We practiced hard for Town Sports and for our own Sports Day and we participated in some inter class fitness challenges.

You can try this at home if you have similar equipment. We made a circuit with 8 stations here they […]

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Our Fragile Fluttered Away

Our butterflies fluttered away today. We are sad but happy and we were all lucky enough to have a hold. Here are some photos.

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ARK WEEK Year 2 The Last Chip


ARK Week

The Last Chip

We recognised how actions of one can make another feel.

Percy the pigeon is sad, lonely and hungry. He can’t find food. He is resilient until the very end. Percy is so wore out he is about to give up but then a kind boy gives him his last chip. Percy is […]

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Great Year Two Trip.

We had a fabulous day out at Stanley Head.

Year Two went pond dipping, minibeast hunting and had lots of fun on the adventure play area.

What a special day!

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Stay and Make Plastic Free Year 2

What a great morning helping make our planet more beautiful!

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Y4 Roman Trip

Last week Y4 went on an interesting trip back in time to Roman Chester. We visited the DEWA centre in Chester and marched the streets like Roman soldiers did over 1600 years ago! The children thoroughly enjoyed getting into the ‘testudo’ position and watching Mrs Wagstaffe and Mrs Manning battle like gladiators in the amphitheater.

Later […]

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