Values and Ethos

Mablins Lane Value of the Month



We will challenge children to achieve their very best; to make the right choices which keep them healthy and safe.


Mablins children will enjoy learning for life, develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and others and become independent members of the wider community, both locally and globally.


To do this we will:


  • Provide opportunities to challenge children to think for themselves.
  • Provide a safe, inclusive and caring environment in which every child is valued, irrespective of age, ability, gender, race or belief.
  • Provide an environment in which the individual can develop self-esteem through personal achievement in a wide range of activities.
  • Embrace the needs of each child and respect their personal achievements which will be celebrated.
  • Foster the acceptance of individual responsibility for work and behaviour
  • Encourage all families and members of the community to contribute and participate in the education of the children.


Embracing the new curriculum:

In this way we will strive to provide our children with a curriculum which motivates, excites and inspires them, equipping them with the skills they will need throughout their lives and in the 21st century.