Our Governors

To contact our chair of Governors, Mary Hennessy – Jones, please use the email below.


The Headteacher is responsible for day-to-day management of the school. The role of the Governing Board is to provide strategic management, and to act as a “critical friend”, supporting the work of the Headteacher and other staff.

Schools generally have a delegated budget to cover salaries, running costs, maintenance and equipment; the Governing Board is responsible for managing this budget. They can decide how many and what types of staff to employ, which equipment to upgrade or replace and what the priorities are for implementing new strategies and initiatives.

Governors must appoint the Headteacher and may be involved in the appointment of other staff.

Governors also have a role in monitoring the school’s progress, and in setting annual targets for the school’s performance and that of the Headteacher (and to ensure that the Headteacher sets targets for the rest of the staff).

Three core activities of the Governing Board are:

  • Setting vision, strategic direction and ensuring statutory duties are met
  • Holding Headteachers to account for teaching, achievement, behaviour and safety, challenging and strengthening leadership contributing to school self evaluation
  • Ensuring financial solvency and probity with effective management of financial resources to raise standards

As well, the Governing Board has a responsibility to support the Head Teacher and staff in ensuring that the four guiding principles of Ofsted are followed in order to achieve our joint goal of OUTSTANDING:

  • Leadership and management
  • Quality of teaching and learning and assessment
  • Personal behaviour and welfare
  • Outcomes for pupils

Our Chair of Governors is Mary Hennessy- Jones and our Vice Chair of Governors is Mrs Sue Holland

To Contact Mary, please use the email address below.


Governor Full Board Meeting Dates 2020 -2021:

Tuesday 3rd November  2020 4.00pm

Governor Full Board Meeting Dates 2019 -2020:

Wednesday 17th June 2020 8.00am

Tuesday 12th May 2020 4.30pm

Monday 30th March 2020 4.30pm

Committee Meetings

Tuesday 8th January 2019; Learning, Teaching and Assessing at 4pm, Business at 6pm

Tuesday 26th March 2019; Learning, Teaching and Assessing at 4pm, Business at 6pm

Tuesday 7th May 2019; Learning, Teaching and Assessing at 4pm, Business at 6pm

Tuesday 2nd July 2019; Learning, Teaching and Assessing at 4pm, Business at 6pm

Whole School Development Plan, Review and Strategy Day;  Monday June 3rd 2019

Governors and their Roles and Responsibilities

Governors and Vacancies Report July 2020

School Governor Eligibility Declaration Form

Nomination of Parent Governor Form

Instrument of Government Document

Governor Attendance Record 2019 – 2020

Governor Attendance Record 2018 – 2019

Governor Attendance Record 2016 – 2017

Governance Handbook 2019

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