Class Dojo

  1. Whole School Reward System: ClassDojo (new Sept 16)·              Particularly good work/effort. ·              Displaying good manners. ·              Displaying a caring attitude towards others. ·              Staying on task etc. They are intended to help staff focus on positive rather than negative behaviour e.g. if a child is continuing to stay on task when a partner is trying to distract him, staff may choose to reward the child on task rather than apply a sanction to the child who is not.
  2. The reward system is graded as follows:-
  3. Once awarded a Dojo can never be deducted.
  4. When awarding the Dojo the member of staff should reinforce the good behaviour e.g. ‘You can have a Dojo for waiting so patiently’. The key to this system working effectively is by keeping it ‘simple and being consistent’.
  5. As well as the rewards listed above the school has adopted a consistent approach for rewarding and encouraging good behaviour, effort and manners based on the collection of class Dojo’s. This system will create a positive classroom culture. These can be awarded for any actions, deeds or attitudes which are deemed noteworthy and may include:-
  • Any noteworthy behaviour:        1 Dojo (recorded on classDojo system)
  • 50 Dojos                                               Dojo certificate
  • 100 Dojos                                            Small prize from class prize Dojo box
  • 150 Dojos                                            Dojo stall – bigger prize, stall open on Friday playtimes, after Friday       celebration assembly. Teachers will issue the child with a 150 Dojo gift voucher to redeem at the stall.
  • (Once a child achieves 150 Dojos/prize then they need to go back to 0 on the system)


If a child receives many blocks of 150 Dojo’s throughout the year then at the class teacher’s discretion the child will receive a special treat at the end of the year – this may be an invite to a Dojo party, trip out etc.


Teachers will be given a budget to purchase prizes for the classrooms. Prizes may include pencils, rubbers, small toys, Lego figures, stickers, pencil sharpeners, friendship bracelets etc.


A ‘Dojo’ can be awarded by any staff member to any child at any time to reward and reinforce positive behaviour as it occurs. This reinforces our philosophy that the care of all our children is the responsibility of all adults in school.


As well as Dojo’s, children that stay on the green traffic light all week (everyday) will be moved to the gold traffic light on Friday. Then they will be given a raffle ticket for the chance to win a special prize, drawn out in celebration assembly on Friday morning.