Success Criteria and the main Barriers for Pupil Premium Funding

Success criteria for Pupil Premium funding:

·         The main barriers to educational achievement faced by our pupils includes a limited social and emotional development, low aspirations by parents and vulnerable families.

·         The pupil premium allocation is to be spent on the above areas as these address the needs of the whole child to ensure that they are able to access education and develop essential life skills. We aim to equip them for life with aspirational goals and resilience.

·         The interventions are targeted according to individual needs both academically and emotionally. These are monitored every 6 weeks and this information is shared during pupil progress meetings, adjustments are then made accordingly.

·         Additional funding is applied for to support our looked after children – this is spent according to their specific needs e.g. after school extra-curricular activities

·         The school measures impact by analysing data at regular intervals throughout the year, listening to the pupil voice, questionnaires and behaviour incident records. Through the analysis of data, particularly English and Mathematics, we draw on research evidence from own and others’ experiences to allocate funding where it is most likely to have a positive impact

·         Each ½ term the Pupil Premium champion meets with the link governor (Rev Philip Goggin) to discuss progress, action planning and carry out the monitoring programme and informing future allocation of resources.

·         The allocation of teachers and teaching assistants to teach interventions is very carefully considered to achieve the greatest impact for pupils

·         Significant emphasis is put into CPD training for all staff ensuring that they are highly trained and understand their role in helping pupil sot achieve

·         Focus is given to ensuring pupils get regular feedback via regular verbal feedback and marking

·         All staff are fully aware of which children need targeting to improve attendance, behaviour or links with families where these are barriers to pupils’ learning. Attendance is monitored every half term. CAFs are offered to families where additional support is required.