It was Celebration Assembly. We sung Happy Birthday to Mrs Gorman who is celebrating a special birthday this weekend. We also saw our new barometer showing how much money we have raised for charity this year so far which is £2,374.30

In celebration Assembly today we celebrated our science week learning. Each year group shared a little of what they have learnt over the week. EYFS have been excavating dinosaurs from ice, and also used salt dough to make fossils!

Year 1 made a tornado in a bottle, learning about the collision of warm and cold air. Year 2 looked at healthy foods. The taste tested foods including beetroot, olives & cucumber. Then they created a tally to say which of the healthy foods they liked the most. Cucumber won!🥒

Year 3 have been looking at friction, testing how far a toy car travels from a ramp with different material on it altering the surface. Year 4 have been investigating bubbles, looking at how they can make the biggest bubble, altering the solution they use as well as the wands!

Year 5 have been learning about famous scientists and how they have changed the world. they shared with the school facts about Charles Darwin and Dian Fossey.

Finally in Celebration Assembly we announced the winners of the science competition. The children have worked on a science project over the Easter holidays. There were some amazing entries. Everyone who entered will receive a certificate Well done Everyone 👍🌟😀

In 4th place 🏅, an investigation into buoyancy

In 4th place 🏅, an investigation into buoyancy

In 3rd place🥉; investigating what causes it to rain🌧️

irst and second place were really close, but in 2nd place🥈; designing and making a marble run

So in 1st place🥇🏆; a volcanic eruption! 🌋 Congratulations !!