Last week Y4 had a lot of active fun, participating in National School Sports Week. We practiced hard for Town Sports and for our own Sports Day and we participated in some inter class fitness challenges.

You can try this at home if you have similar equipment. We made a circuit with 8 stations here they are –

  1. tennis ball keep uppy x10
  2. hop 5m x2
  3. basketball bounce x10
  4. side step 5m x2
  5. tuck jumps x10
  6. long stride skis x10
  7. 2m football passes x10
  8. sit ups x10

Some of the children were able to complete this in, or around, a staggering time of 1m 24secs!!!

Additionally on Friday, we held our annual Sports Day and this time the weather gods were shining down as we enjoyed glorious sunshine. Huge congratulations to all children in Y4, and the school, who participated, it was lots of fun and the eventual winners were the Red team (Rowan).

Thanks for reading Y4 Team!