We have been very busy this half term…

Children took part in and completed a cycling proficiency course which taught them the skills needed to ride safely on the road. Certificates and badges were handed out at the end of the course.

In English, the children have been busy drafting their own version of the Beowulf story. We have been incredibly impressed with their description:

“One of my eyes opened; there was a noise, like the creaking of wood. I silently whispered to my, now awake, men what¬† was going on and quickly grabbed my sword. Then I saw a glimpse of my opposition, Grendel. A shiver ran down my spine. Grendel was a seven foot, green slimy monster with glowing red eyes and arms as long as an eagle’s wing span. He had the speed of a cheetah, the stamina of a bull and was as careless and strong as Hrothgar had said. With no hesitation, he launched the oak chairs across the hall, destroying the beautiful patterns. Instantly, I knew that his soul was a dark one.” by Maddie¬†

On Friday 3rd May, we celebrated Green Day in school. Our Y5 children focused on the importance of recycling and created some wonderful up-cycled works of art.

We are looking forward to getting our teeth into our new Circle of Life Topic.